Every day we develop ideas and processes applied to different sectors with the primary objective to implement and manage projects that lead to high performance results and that contribute to continuous corporate improvement.



Combining cutting-edge and evolving technologies, such as APR and pyrotechnic explosives, SNIPER brand systems redefine the concept of security in mountain areas.


Innovative practices applied to property management and years of experience in the sector, allow the ATM Real Estate business branch to constantly achieve interesting results.


A new way of conceiving business communication, based on a well-defined method that effectively combines innovative means of digital communication, data analysis and neuro marketing. This is what you can expect in COMMUNICACTION.


Selecting ideas with high innovative potential in different sectors and then developing them according to a defined strategic process is what characterises the company branch “Business Development”.

ATM Srl innovative projects

Our Mission

  • Better quality of life

    thanks to continuous technological progress, applied to numerous sectors.

  • Give opportunities

    to ideas with high innovative potential, supporting and developing the project.

  • Respond to the concrete

    needs of people and companies present in specific contexts.

Ideas Examined
Projects Developed
Application Sectors
Partner Companies
  • Focus

    Innovation in all its forms and applied to multiple sectors.

  • Method

    We process defined actions that allow our teams to achieve concrete results with satisfaction.

  • Strategy

    We plan the business development process carefully , applying efficient and effective strategies.

  • Perseverance

    We work daily to achieve the goals set.

  • Professionalism

    Our teams consist of professionals and companies that are results driven and competent in their field.

  • Result

    Definite, clear and measurable; this is the aim to which every project aspires and our main objective.

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