Digital Communication: A new way of conceiving business communication, based on a well-defined method that effectively combines innovative means of digital communication, data analysis and neuro marketing. This is what you can expect in COMMUNICACTION.

CommunicAction. We are a team of 11 experts in digital communication and marketing and we work for a single purpose: to bring you results. And not in a figurative sense. We tackle each project following 4 basic steps:

  • We know your company in-depth and we study your sector
  • We define the objective and the operational steps
  • We work every day in order to ensure that the digital strategy brings concrete results
  • We analyse the output data thoroughly and optimise the subsequent steps.

Too often we meet companies that invest in communication without knowing how the budgets are really managed and above all, without real returns. This is why we have studied a new way of conceiving business communication that allows clear objectives from the very outset, based on in-depth analyses, to have clear objectives and results that can be achieved in terms of visibility and turnover.

We frame the corporate purpose that the property and managers want to achieve and we structure an integrated digital marketing strategy that stimulates the achievement of results. We professionally use all the tools that the web and digital world can offer, from websites to platforms and e-commerce, going from social media to SEO and SEM strategies. There is no magic recipe to choose what is best for your business, however a detailed preliminary study can tell us what are the winning tools on which to concentrate efforts and budgets.

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